One of my favorite poetry books is World Made of Glass by Ann Falcone Shalaski. Did she read your book?

Yes, she did. Here is the review:

Review of Tapestry by Sharon Canfield Dorsey

The poems in Tapestry are reminders that everything and everyone is important. Sharon Dorsey takes us on a universal journey of truth with clear, sparkling words that build magnificent wings. She lifts our spirit and imparts her wisdom.

From the very beginning of Tapestry, “The Cloak Room,” has us nodding, “I know exactly what you mean.” In “Mothers/Fathers,” Sharon shares the fragility of life and demonstrates her strength of character.

She breaks our heart in, “Once Upon A Time,” and makes us laugh with, “Wedding Night Lament.” We cheer for the author as we accompany her on a journey that’s not just about her life but ours as well.

Sharon Dorsey’s voice is a gentle current guiding the reader through a long-lasting grief, a love that burned brightly, and reasons to live in this world of wonder. Such a beautiful gift from a brilliant, kind poet.

Ann Falcone Shalaski, author of

World Made of Glass,and Without Pretense